Howard Mole – Pevensey Apiary


“The sort of work done in the apiary is only done on a conservational scale, you will find you are doing a different job each week, so one week you are picking berries and taking a back brambles or nettles, another week your cutting big chunks of wood on a shed roof, so that it has a use for the site. You could then be doing some digging and planting, either way it’s fun and enjoyed by all. But another important part of the work is to take some rather dashing photos of the wildlife and volunteers involved in the Apiary.

What I love about being able to volunteer here twice a week, sometimes more, is how I get to create a new haven for a species which I have been passionate about for a long time, mostly since I’d found out how important bees are to all life,  also it’s about having a complicated respect for what’s around us and how it can be managed and planned, with the outlook of respect it should gain, I would love it if more people were involved with voluntary opportunities like this, as it gives you satisfaction, knowing your are making a difference to a species on the brink of despair”.