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Land Girls return to Bay as senior support group puts on show at Pims o’clock

In my role as Pevensey Parish councillor I was privileged to be invited to the Pevensey Senior Support Group VE Day Tea at St Wilfrids Hall. The event was organised by Pevensey Parish Councillor Daniel Brookbank, acting in his role as Chairman of the Pevensey Senior Support Group (PSSG), and also by the hard-working team of PSSG volunteers, Rita, Audrey, Rose, Fran, Bill, Keith, Peter, Patricia, Janet and Sally.

Sara and Luke volunteered too, wearing uniform from the era to help set the scene, and the president of the PSSG Fleur Loney also attended. The hall was decorated with union jack flags, bunting and lace tablecloths with beautiful flower centrepieces and clearly a lot of effort had gone into it.

Members of the PSSG were collected by the Pevensey Community Support Bus and we all sat down together where we were served Pimms or lemonade and munched on nibbles. We were entertained by the Land Army Girls who put on a great show, singing a medley of songs from the era interspersed with snippets of information about home-life during the war. The entertainers brought along props such as gas masks, ration books and various hot water bottles used during wartime, and these props, and the talk about what life was like in the forties triggered memories for those attending.

I took along my nine year old daughter who learnt a lot about life during wartime (as did I)! I was particularly shocked to learn that people were rationed to one egg every two weeks. When I think about how many eggs my family gets through in just a week thanks to our chickens it is hard to imagine what life must have been like.

When the entertainers brought out three different types of hot water bottles to jog people’s memories we were told that many families just used bricks that were heated in the oven and then wrapped up in blankets. Bricks were plentiful because of the bombing. How lucky we are now with our double glazed windows, central heating and rubber hot water bottles!

My daughter was handed a tambourine to play as the entertainers sung and she enjoyed singing along too, she even danced with some of the PSSG members and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex! The atmosphere was wonderful and a tribute to the entertainers and volunteers. When the entertainment finished we were served sandwiches, vol-au-vents, scones and cake with tea and coffee.

It was a great chance to talk to PSSG members about how valuable PSSG is to them and how isolated they would be without the group and in particular the use of the community support bus. After a raffle (in which my daughter was highly excited to win a box of chocolate biscuits) I left feeling very happy to be part of a community that arranges events like this. Well done to all involved.

community correspondent, Helen Burton
Helen Burton is a Pevensey Parish Councillor writing in a personal capacity

article reprint, kind permission Bay Life
21 July 2015