We aim to recognise the work of volunteers in the parish, to support volunteers and ensure they feel valued and to encourage more people to volunteer and take an active role in village life

Volunteers are essential to all of the clubs and groups in the parish, and with public services suffering substantial cuts it is likely that volunteers are going to be even more important to our communities in the future.

We have published a pamphlet of all of the clubs and groups in the parish which is available at the Information Centre in Pevensey Bay as well as in various pubs and shops. The information has also been given to Pevensey Bay Life and Pevensey Villages Partnership. You can see our list of clubs and groups online here: Local Groups and Organisations

We have published a list of volunteer positions available in the Parish and will keep it updated. You can browse these positions online here.

We have produced Pevensey Volunteers pin badges to make volunteering in our community more visible. They are being given to all of the volunteers in the parish and will hopefully become a source of pride to those who achieve them and our community as a whole. Wearing the badges whenever possible will promote volunteering in our community and hopefully encourage more people to offer some of their time.

Village socials

If you organise a community group, volunteer locally or would like to find out more about volunteering please come along to one of our Pevensey Volunteers meetings. They are held at the Bayside Diner in Pevensey Bay . We hope these informal social evenings will enable those people active in our community to get together, chat and share ideas about how we can work together to make our community stronger. The meetings will be advertised at the diner and at Pevensey Information Centre or follow our Facebook page for updates.

Please contact Helen Burton pevenseyvolunteers@gmail.com